The secret of a flawless installation is in the details. Low quality profiles can ruin the work of many hours.

Volume. Due to technical limitations of the MDF and HDF, profiles made of this material have a large volume, which can be an obstacle to passage. His aesthetic is also affected, considering that the best profile is always the most unnoticed.


Volume comparison aluminium, mdf, hdf


Impact resistance. MDF profiles splinter, bend and break as a result of impacts.

MDF profiles break easily

Moisture resistance. MDF profiles are deformed, swollen and deteriorated by the action of moisture.

Moisture damages MDF profiles

Fixation. MDF profiles often have problems with their fixation. These problems do not exist for the equivalent ones made of steel or aluminium.

Duration. MDF profiles have a shorter life than the metal profiles.

MDF profiles are not cheap

Price. MDF profiles are not cheap. Often the price is significantly higher than their counterparts in steel or aluminium. If further analyse its long-term profitability and claims and customer dissatisfaction, they can reach three times the price of a metal flooring profile.

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